An immersive adventure for families. Exploring the evolution of all things, from crops to legends and satellites to stories in a rambunctious romp to save creativity from destruction.


In the heart of Coventry lies a mysterious and intriguing building - The Institute of Impossibility.

For as long as anyone can remember it has been the home of strange noises, fireworks and, on occasion, voices trumpeting "eureka!”

For the first time in a generation, the Institute is to be opened to the public.

Inside lies a mysterious and ancient machine called EVO, a steampunk contraption fuelled by creativity. EVO uses this energy to produce a mist of calm, the perfect environment for creativity. Visiting researchers at the institute, forget their worries, ideas flow freely, they find themselves completely at one with their task. This symbiotic relationship has been responsible for some of the greatest discoveries of our age.

When EVO unexpectedly breaks down, the audience are enlisted by the Institute of Impossibility to refuel it and get it back online. It seems EVO is not just plumbed into the augments creativity across the planet.

Evelyn Adams, David Brett, Celia Byrne, Heather Johnson, Brendan Murphy and Tristan Pate.

The Experts:

Professor Ralph Kenna, Statistical Mechanics, Coventry University
Pádraig MacCarron, Statistical Mechanics, Coventry University
Dr Thierry Platini Smarter, Statistical Mechanics, Coventry University
Dr Shuli Liu, School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University
Georgina Wood, School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University
Elise Smithson, School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University
Dr Rosemary Collier, Warwick Crop Centre, University of Warwick
Dr Dave Chandler, Warwick Crop Centre, University of Warwick
Professor Alfonso Jaramillo, Synthetic Biology, University of Warwick
Dr Kevin Moffat, Synthetic Biology, University of Warwick
Dr Bill Crofts, Warwick University Satellite Project
Steve Byrne, Interplay (National Sensory Theatre)

Creative Team:

Director: Barra Collins
Writers: Barra Collins & Bec Boey
Set & Costume Design: Sean Turner
Evo Design: Sam Wyer
Sound Design: Stephen Dobbie
Video Design: Potion Pictures
Technical Management: Stage Management Company
Photography: Jana Chiellino
Producer: Andy Franzkowiak




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